Why is there something, rather than nothing?

Interview With Things

In the year 2047, artificial intelligence with Androids segregated in massive domes manages a seemingly perfect world. In an apparent glitch in the Dome software, an Android discovers the essence of who he is was set for termination, a dark hidden secret that would threaten the stability of the entire human race as his relentless mission to find life, purpose, and freedom begins, plummeting David, a human journalist’s life into turmoil. In his quest to understand creation, evolution, free will, death, and faith, an unexpected new threat to humanity greater than the Androids emerge as the Federal Robotic Bureau hunts down this rogue robot in a breakneck chase.




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HUGH C.N. MILLER Interview with Author


Hugh C.N. Miller is a South African Science Fiction Author, with his latest novel published and available on Amazon: “Interview with Things” He is a Graphic Designer and Web Developer at his own agency: HM Studio since 2011. He has over 30 years of extensive design and advertising experience.


Excerpt from the book.

“You’re making a big mistake!” Sabina, commander of the FRB, The Federal Robotic Bureau shouted towards David, a human and to his companion, an Artificial Robot, standing next to each other, aiming to evade the agents that have surrounded the building corridor.

“David, listen to me,” She pleaded. “He is not your friend, he is a machine, and he is using you to accomplish a dangerous mission and he will harm you and other humans, for your own safety, stand down and surrender.”

What is the main idea behind the book?

In 2047, Androids are segregated in Massive domes, away from humans. One Android discovers the essence of who he is was set for termination, a dark hidden secret that would threaten the stability of the entire human race as his relentless quest to find life, purpose and freedom begins. In discovering his own self awareness an unexpected new threat to humanity greater than the Androids emerges.  

What does the book seek to prove?

That humans seek purpose, free will, meaning in life, faith and freedom and that a self-aware sentient machine can desire the same things.

What points does it argue?

Its a case for the creator vs evolution. Slavery vs freedom, an argument for the sanctity of life, all brought together in an exciting Sci-Fi adventure as an Artificial Intelligent Robot questions the very same things about life we humans do.

Who is the protagonist and is he your voice?

The main character is David, a human journalist with strong faith in a creator and in many ways is my voice.

What is the deep message in the book?

The unique angle lies in that most sci-fi and Ai novels come from atheist evolutionist perspectives. The alternative may seem narrowminded, but on the contrary, it actually has more evidence for it than against it. It takes more faith to believe in nothing.
This will argue the case for a creator, right down to why AI even exists. From the impossible chance of a human cell appearing out of nothing, especially with more scientists discovering the obvious design in dna and even age errors in fossil dating.
God made Adam, Adam made AI. We are made in the image of a creator, Androids are made in ours – or will be….
It argues these points through a sci-fi adventure with plots, action, and twists you won’t expect.
It raises human questions, not just asked by a sentient robot, but for us humans aswell. Why is there something rather than nothing? What does it mean to be human? Creator or evolution?
Do we have free will? Can AI have faith? What happens when we die? The sanctity of life. Forgiveness. Death. All this as seen and understood by a machine,
without a worldview or any bias.
Freedom and self-determination is as part of being human as it’s for a machine.
How far will God allow AI to go and to what end?
As we reach a very connected world with crypto as our future, how much will all depend on AI and in whose hands will that end up?
This robot drags a human journalist’s life into chaos as he begins to stand for its right to live and to end the Droid Apartheid as they are confined in massive domes. It aims to not be a cliche where Ai destroys its creator but where it seeks its place in this world and that if we create beings with free will sentient minds, are we ready or able to answer their questions, even as we seek answers from them?
Most famous sci fi authors are Atheists, like Isaac Asimov etc. The
goal  is a Christian angle to a very plausible future and to see the obviousness
of a creator in everything, right down to the complexity of music.

I am not a sci-fi fan but this was very thought provoking. Completely different to anything else I have read. I was very pleasantly surprised.  5 out of 5. Your writing is very engaging.

Adrian Brislin

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